Majorca and Ibiza close beaches overnight and enforce face masks at restaurants and bars after record-high Covid cases

THE Balearic Islands are set to close its beaches and parks overnight, ban brothels and enforce face masks in restaurants in bars, following a record-high daily infection rate.

New daily coronavirus cases hit 908 in 24 hours earlier this week, taking the total on the islands to 2,227.

Majorca and Ibiza have new rules in place after new coronavirus cases hit a record high


Majorca and Ibiza have new rules in place after new coronavirus cases hit a record highCredit: AFP – DPA

Spain has the highest cases of coronavirus in Europe – 426,818 – which led to it being placed on the UK quarantine list on July 26.

The regional government on the Balearic Islands, which covers tourist resorts Majorca and Ibiza, warn that social gatherings must not exceed ten and nightlife venues must remain closed for at least another two weeks.

Beaches and parks will now be closed between 9pm and 7am to avoid illegal parties.

Anyone eating in a restaurant or bar must make sure they keep their masks on until the food arrives, with capacity reduced to 50 per cent, both inside and on terraces.

Market stalls will be cut by half and the activities of all brothels banned.

Food and drink cannot be consumed during cultural or sport shows, as well as on public transport.

Tourists and locals walking along the seaside promenades must also wear masks and contact sport is limited for 15 days.

Announcing the tougher regulations, Balearic president, Francina Armengol said: “With these actions we save lives. The virus is lethal and continues to spread very quickly.

“We must all make efforts to contain the disease, from the administrations to the population.”

The new measures come into force within the next few days once officially advertised and there could be further restrictions to come, depending on the number of coronavirus cases this week.

The Balearic president stressed: “We must face this second wave with rigor and responsibility and take the right measures at the right times.”

Spain is currently on the UK quarantine list


Spain is currently on the UK quarantine listCredit: EPA

In just one week, hospital admissions have grown by 80% due to Covid-19.

In addition, admissions to ICUs, which also include young patients between the ages of 20 and 49, have doubled.

The regional president called on everyone to show responsibility and to fight the virus which would also mean limiting social gatherings between friends and families.

“I know it’s very hard, we can’t have physical proximity in the same way we were used to, but it’s very important that everyone knows how to protect themselves,” she said, adding: “Until we have the vaccine, the best solution is to use the mask and keep our distance.”

Health councillor Patricia Gomez said: “We cannot allow the evolution of the disease to continue growing.”


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Pool parties have already been banned across Majorca and Ibiza.

Yet islands like the Canaries, Ibiza or Majorca could be added to safe travel lists in future as the Government explores “regional” quarantines, Grant Shapps suggested this morning.

Just weeks after the islands were added to the quarantine lists due to a large spike in cases in Spain, the Transport Secretary said in future he wanted to be able to look at data for regions, if possible.

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