Tourists have slated Buckingham Palace in TripAdvisor reviews calling the Queen ‘uninviting’ and the guards ‘rude’ – The Sun

TOURISTS visiting London have slammed Buckingham Palace, one of the most famous attractions in the UK, calling it “smelly” and “uninviting”.

Some visitors have relayed their stories – with some even slamming the Queen for “not letting them in when it was raining”.

Other funny complaints include the Queen being “uninviting” for not letting them in during the rain

The palace has nearly 30,000 reviews, with nearly half of them claiming it is excellent.

However, some visitors are less than impressed – and have shared their hilarious complaints and stories on TripAdvisor.

One tourist who visited with their two kids called it “aggressive and intimidating” after a guard told her children to stop climbing the railings, saying: “Someone didn’t get the memo that the British Empire is no longer a big deal.”

A dad agreed, writing: “My 5 year old son was messing about on the fence. But that gives one of the guards no right to shout at him to the point of where he p****s himself.

“Absolutely shocked about the guards reaction to an innocent little boy playing about.”

Tourists may not realise that the guards are working British military tasked with protecting the Queen and the Royal Family, hence the strict rules – in 2017 a guard told off one tourist for getting too close.


Tourists have shared their complaints about Buckingham Palace with some calling the guards “rude”

Others called it a “waste of time” and the “most crowded place in the world”.

Someone else else who gave it just one star said because the royals “wouldn’t let them in”.

They complained: “Even though it was cold and rainy outside. The guards couldn’t even smile for a second.

“The Queen refused to open the door or even wave at the window.”

Another person agreed, saying: “The Buckingham Palace tour is probably the least welcoming tour I’ve been on in the British Isles. Not only are there a lot of strict rules, but the guides are about as condescending as people can be paid to be.


One tourist asked for “better lighting” because they couldn’t get good photographs

“The thing is, the Queen doesn’t want us touring her home—and she seems to have done all she can to make a tourist visitor feel unwelcome and unwanted.”

A somewhat strange issue one tourist had was that it was too dark, asking: ” I would like to request better lighting in the evening. It was very hard to see the palace and take a good picture.”

Other more serious complaints said the popularity of the palace often meant long queues even with tickets, with visitors waiting hours to enter.

The majority of visitors, however, praise the attraction, calling it a “piece of history” and “magnificent”.

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The palace is the second most Instagrammed tourist attraction in the UK, behind Big Ben.

The Queen is looking for a “Visitor Services Assistant” to show people around Buckingham Palace.

The palace could one day become a ‘Madame-Tussauds-style tourist attraction” when Prince Charles is King, according to sources.

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