Hilton Honors Double Rewards “Double Points & Nights” Posting Correctly?

Hilton’s latest Double Rewards promotion for Honors members began last week, offering double points and nights through the end of 2020.

The first stays for member accounts have posted now, and many might wonder if the nights are correctly recorded for milestone bonus purposes.

You can access Hilton’s page for Double Rewards here.

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Here’s what posted to my account for two stays this week:

The Double Rewards-lines with zero activity must indicate additional nights for milestones and stay qualification purposes.

The nights have correctly counted for milestone purposes this year. My count has increased by 6 while I have only consumed 3 nights.

Remember that all your nights will roll over to 2021, but won’t count towards that year’s milestone bonuses.


These bonus nights also count towards the lifetime requirement of 1,000. I’ll try to stay with the bonus around 100 nights (50 consumed) during this bonus period.

Milestone bonuses effectively earn an additional 2,000 points per consumed night for the duration of this promotion.

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