5% back at Food Lion via new Chase Offer (up to $3 back) [Targeted]

There is a new targeted Chase Offer out good for 5% back at Food Lion, up to $3 back. While that isn’t a huge offer, it stacks nicely with those Chase cards that are already earning additional points at grocery stores in May and June.

H/T to hanginwithfred for the screen shot

The Deal

  • Get 5% back at Food Lion (up to $3 back) with a new targeted Chase Offer

Key Terms

  • Expires 6/19/20
  • Max of $3 back

Quick Thoughts

Keep in mind that Chase Offers are triggered by the first qualifying purchase, so you’d have to spend $60 in one shot on the first transaction after syncing in order to get $3 back.

I didn’t actually get this on any of my cards, but I’m not surprised since I don’t live in an area with Food Lion. Hangingwithfred on Reddit posted the screen shot so I imagine those with Food Lion nearby might find this one in their online accounts. As noted at the top, you’ll hopefully receive this offer on one of the Chase cards offering additional points for grocery store spend.

H/T: hanginwithfred on reddit

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