Load & Balance Sheet

Load & Balance Sheet

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The load & balance sheet (or the load sheet and the balance sheet) are two types of templates generally used in air transport. Their main goals are:

– To load the aircraft in a correct way, ensuring that the aircraft doesn’t exceed any operational limit (like MTOW, MZFW or MLW).

– To lay out properly the payload in order not to alter so much the center of gravity.

– To inform the captain about the payload distribution, as well as the center of gravity position.

With all this information (total load in compartments, passengers weight, cargo weight, moment index, %MAC), the captain should be ready to set the trim correctly, so the aircraft behaves in a same way whichever way the load has been loaded in.

Here you have an example of a loadsheet referring a flight from New York JFK to Geneva GVA. This document shows you the total passengers onboard, the load in compartments, the different weights depending on the flight stage and some other information.

On the other hand, we have the balance sheet from an Airbus A320. Once you have inputted all the pax and cargo weights, you get the moment index or the %MAC (Mean Aerodynamic Chord) that enables the pilot to set the aircraft trim in the proper position.

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