Marriott Intends To Take Over Design Hotels

Marriott in Germany yesterday informed the board of Design Hotels AG that they intend to buy out the rest of the shares they don’t own yet (5%) and then treat Design Hotels as a wholly-owned brand.

Design Hotels was first majority-owned by Starwood that was bought out (officially merged with) by Marriott, where it ended up.

Here’s the announcement from Design Hotels:

Download (PDF, 83KB)


Shareholders who own more than 90% of a company, per the law in Germany, have the right to buy out (force) the rest of the shares. It is unclear how they deem the fair value of those outstanding shares, however.

It is interesting to see what Marriott plans in regards to Design Hotels-brand in the future are, and if these independent hotels are eager for closer cooperation with the owner. It could be a kiss of death for some that thrive being independently minded and run that don’t fit in the corporate Marriott environment.

Many Design Hotels are not Bonvoy participating and not available for bookings on Marriott platforms. Benefit for Bonvoy elite members with participating hotels are limited. Let’s hope for a change.

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