Bali Set To Open For International Tourists On September 11, 2020

The Balinese government on Sunday announced a three-step plan to open the island for tourism that came to a complete halt in March.

Despite rapidly increasing Covid-19 infection rates in Indonesia, he plans to open the island for international arrivals on September 11, 2020 and prays that all goes well.

You can access the Bali tourism website here.

Here are the planned three phases:

First Phase, implemented limited and selective activities only for the Bali community local scope, starting from July 9, 2020 which falls on a “good date” (hari baik), on Thursday Umanis Sinta. For this first phase, in line with directive from the national COVID-19 acceleration countermeasure task force, the new era life order is permitted only for the following sectors: a) health; b) government offices; c) tradition and religion; d) finance, industry, trade, logistic, transportation. Cooperative, small and medium scale enterprises (UMKM), traditional market, modern market, restaurant, and warungs; e) agriculture, plantation, marine / fishery, and husbandry; and f) service and construction. While for education and tourism sector remains closed, where education sector awaits the decree from minister of education and culture.

Second phase, conduct a wider activity including tourism sector, but limited to domestic tourists, starting on July 31, 2020 on Friday Pon, Kulantir.

Third phase, implement a wider scale of tourism activity including foreign tourists starting on September 11, 2020 on Friday, Kliwon, Sungsang, Sugihan Bali; within 42 days (abulan pitung dina) after the Second phase commencement on July 31, 2020.

Here are Indonesia’s current Covid-19 stats:

The trajectory doesn’t look right.


Not sure if 9/11 is the best date to open the island for international arrivals considering what took place on that date in New York in 2001?

Opening Bali for domestic arrivals from worse hit regions may lead to a broader community spread just in time for 9/11. Also, I am not sure how widespread testing is done in Indonesia to survey the current community infection rate.

Bali may open its border for international arrivals on that date. Still, it is unclear what nationalities are allowed to travel from their home countries to Indonesia without having to quarantine for a couple of weeks when returning.

Difficult to see the tourism coming back roaring before there is a vaccine for Covid-19, or the population has reached the herd immunity.

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