Is Turkey safe? Latest travel advice as airports increase health checks amid global coronavirus outbreak

CORONAVIRUS has spread across the globe, with 98,000 cases and more than 3,000 killed by the virus.

Here is the latest travel advice if you are heading to Turkey, from flight changes to quarantines.

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 A flight was quarantined in Turkey last month but there are still no cases of coronavirus


A flight was quarantined in Turkey last month but there are still no cases of coronavirusCredit: EPA

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

There are currently no travel restrictions to Turkey due to coronavirus, as the country is one of the few destinations to have no reported cases.

However, the UK government has still issued new advice, stating: “There is an ongoing outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, some other countries in the region and elsewhere.

“The Turkish authorities have introduced a number of precautionary measures. All international passengers are being screened with a thermal camera. Those displaying signs of a temperature will then be referred to a medical adviser.

“You should comply with any additional screening measures put in place by the authorities.”

New restrictions have been introduced today by the Turkish Ministry of Health: “Passengers without Turkish residency permits will not be permitted to enter Turkey within 14 days of a visit to China, South Korea, Iran, Iraq or Italy.”

Travellers with a Turkish residency will be tested for coronavirus, with a positive test resulting in being sent to the quarantine facility, and a negative test leading to self-isolation or full quarantine for 14 days.

They advise carrying “additional supplies of necessary medication in carry-on luggage”.

Despite a lack of coronavirus cases, the country shares borders with Greece and Armenia, which have both reported cases, as well as Iran, which has reported the highest number of cases behind China and South Korea.

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca told local media: “We managed to keep Turkey away from coronavirus thanks to efficient measures we have taken so far.”

He added: “Unfortunately, European countries and our neighbouring countries did not take measures in time, and they were slow in their response to the outbreak.”

All flights from Turkey to Italy, South Korea and China have been cancelled, as well as to Iraq and Iran where land crossings are also closed.

Tourists will not have to self-quarantine if returning to the UK from Turkey.

A flight from Tehran to Turkey was quarantined on February 25, but no cases were reported.

 Is it safe to go to Turkey amid global coronavirus outbreak


Is it safe to go to Turkey amid global coronavirus outbreakCredit: AP:Associated Press Turkey has increased security and health measures but it still remains safe for travelling


Turkey has increased security and health measures but it still remains safe for travellingCredit: AP:Associated Press

Can I cancel my holiday to Turkey?

All flights are still operating from major airports, so any Brits due to travel to Turkey are unlikely to get their money back.

The only time that tour operators are required to give a refund on holiday packages is if the Foreign Office changes its travel advice for a region and turns it into a no-go area, which they have not done in this case.

Independent hotels are not even required to refund money in this instance, so if you have paid in advance and choose not to turn up then you will lose your money.

If the hotel is a large chain, it could be worth asking to change your stay to another location or delay your trip but they are under no obligation to grant this.

Holidaymakers are advised to check with their travel insurance providers to see if there is something they can do, but that is also unlikely.

We’ve explained everything you need to know about cancelling your holiday due to coronavirus.

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