Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Introduces “Renewal Support Scheme” & Elite Miles For Select Other Activities

Singapore Airlines has previously extended most KrisFlyer member tiers by a year and also redeemable miles first by six months and later by an additional six for a year.

Now, the airline is lowering Silver and Gold member qualifying requirements 50% by crediting half of the elite miles required for current status. KrisFlyer members can also earn elite qualifying miles for select non-flying activities.

You can access Singapore Airlines pages for this program here and here.

Here’s how the Renewal Support Scheme works:

Status Credits without flying:

PPS Club and Solitaire members also earn PPS value out from this campaign (see the website).

Here’s the email that KrisFlyer sent out:


Many airlines have halved the qualification requirements after first extended everyone by a year.

There is also a tendency to try having promotions that drive revenue from non-flying activities by offering bonuses or elite qualifying miles, like what Singapore Airlines has done here.

The Covid-19 will continue to affect travel for the foreseeable future (likely until the second half of 2021), and it is expected that recovery in air travel will take 4 to 5 years.

We may be in for many offers for earning elite status easier and more redeemable miles in the next 12 to 18 months.

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