Avianca LifeMiles Points To Miles 25% Conversion Bonus From Select Programs Until September 18, 2020

Avianca has launched a bonus opportunity for points to miles conversions from four hotel programs until September 18, 2020.

LifeMiles members can earn a 25% bonus for conversions from IHG Rewards Club, Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors, and Wyndham Rewards.

You can access this offer on the LifeMiles website here.

Here are the partners:

IHG Rewards Club

  • 10,000 IHG Rewards Club points = 2,000 airline miles (2,500 with LifeMiles bonus)

Marriott Bonvoy

  • 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points = 20,000 + 5,000 = 25,000 airline miles (31,250 with LifeMiles bonus)

Hilton Honors

  • 10,000 Hilton Honors points = 1,000 airline miles (1,250 with LifeMiles bonus)

Wyndham Rewards

  • 6,000 Wyndham Rewards points = 1,200 airline miles (1,500 with LifeMiles bonus)


There is too much uncertainty around all the airlines and Avianca, especially, which is in bankruptcy protection, that I would not make any points to miles conversions right now.

Also, you can usually always buy LifeMiles miles with a bonus (one of the cheapest Star Alliance miles to buy) at a very reasonable price.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

  • This Promotion is valid only to transfer points or miles from participating transfer partners (“LifeMiles Partners”) to miles of the LifeMiles program from August 17th to September 18th, 2020.

  • LifeMiles grants a 25% bonus on the miles accrued on the member´s account, product of a transfer of points or miles to LifeMiles.

  • The full list of LifeMiles Partners can be found in Each the member is responsible for checking if their preferred program is a LifeMiles Partner in the promotion, before making the transfer.

  • This promotion is not eligible for mileage accrual through cobranded LifeMiles credit and/or debit cards.

  • The minimum and maximum quantity of points/miles to transfer or convert to LifeMiles, other conditions and fees depend on the policies of each LifeMiles Partner. Before transferring the points/miles to LifeMiles, the member is responsible of consulting with the LifeMiles Partner about its regulations, conditions and charges.

  • The transfer of points or miles from LifeMiles Partners to LifeMiles can also be made to family or friends accounts, according to LifeMiles policies, whenever permitted by the policies of the LifeMiles Partner.

  • The LifeMiles earned through transfer and the bonus Miles earned with this promotion do not apply to obtain or maintain the LifeMiles Elite Status.

  • The transferred LifeMiles and the LifeMiles bonus will be accrued no later than 45 days after the LifeMiles Partner reports the request of miles transfer.

  • LifeMiles are accrued according to the reports received from the LifeMiles Partners. LifeMiles is not responsible for Miles not accrued, accrued mistakenly or accrued late due to report errors or delays from the LifeMiles Partners.

  • Once the points are transferred to LifeMiles, the transaction cannot be reversed.

  • Upon completion of the transfer, Terms and Conditions of the LifeMiles Program apply.

  • LifeMiles is a trademark of LifeMiles LTD.

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