Hilton Honors 10,000 Points For Two Stays (Register By December 31, 2020)

Hilton Honors has launched its first offer for 2020 that allows select members to earn 10,000 bonus points.

Eligible members earn 3,000 bonus points for the first and 7,000 bonus points for the second stay within 90 days of registering for this promotion.

You can access this offer on Hilton’s website here.

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Note that you must register by December 31, 2020, and the eligible stays must be within 90 days of registration.

  • Stay 1: 3,000 bonus points
  • Stay 2: 7,000 bonus points (10,000 cumulative bonus)

My account was not eligible.


It is good to know that Hilton Honors continues these targeted offers in 2020. In 2019 they were a couple of times unintentionally open for all members who registered before they were withdrawn.

There is no rhyme who is eligible and who not. It always pays to check to see if you are.

Here are the terms and conditions of this promotion:

This offer is only valid and exclusive to the recipient of the email invitation, is not transferable and is one-time use only. To accept this stay challenge with Hilton Honors™ you must first register your Hilton Honors™ account number by December 31, 2020 (“Registration Deadline”) and prior to completing stays. You must be a Hilton Honors™ member to participate or join Hilton Honors™ at the time of registering for the Promotion. Offer valid for stays where check-out occurs within 90 days of offer registration (“Promotional Stay Window”).

To be eligible for Multi-Stay Bonus offer from Hilton Honors™ you must 1) have received this offer directly from Hilton Honors™, 2) be enrolled in the Hilton Honors™ program, 3) register to participate or join Hilton Honors™ using the same e-mail address associated with promotional invitation before the Registration Deadline, 4) complete the stay challenge within the Promotional Stay Window. Registered Hilton Honors™ participants must complete stay challenge and complete up to two (2) paid stays during the Promotional Stay Window to obtain Hilton Honors™ Bonus Points. The first stay within the Promotional Stay Window will earn 3,000 bonus points. The second stay within the Promotional Stay Window will earn 7,000 bonus points. If guest completes just (1) eligible stay, they will still receive 3,000 Hilton Honors™ Bonus Points. Consecutive nights completed at a single hotel will be counted as a single stay, even if booked under multiple reservations.

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