Buy $50 Happy Gift Cards + $50 Groceries & Get $10 Off (Should Stack With Other Gift Card Deals)

We wrote earlier today about some Visa and Mastercard gift card deals at Publix. They’ve now added some more digital coupons offering similar deals on Happy gift card brands.

Publix Happy

The Deal

  • Buy $50 gift cards for the following Happy gift card brands & $50 groceries in the same transaction and get $10 off instantly:
    • Happy Moments
    • Happy Birthday
    • Happy Bride
    • Happy Her
    • Happy Eats
    • Happy Teen
    • Happy Beauty
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

Quick Thoughts

As mentioned in the other post about the Publix deals on Visa and Mastercard gift cards, Publix used to restrict you to one minimum spend offer such as these when using paper coupons.

The fact that these offers are digital coupons means the cashier doesn’t have any involvement in enforcing those kind of restrictions, although there aren’t even any exclusions listed like that for these Happy gift card deals in the first place.

Blake confirmed in the comments of that other post that the Visa and Mastercard gift card deals stack, so I suspect that these Happy card deals will stack as well. If so, that means you’d only need to buy $50 worth of groceries once and buy whichever of these gift cards you want at the same time.

Something I’m not sure about is if the $10 is only deducted on grocery spend or if it’ll discount the cost of the cards too. For example, if you bought $50 of groceries and six of these Happy gift cards, you should in theory get $60 off. If the $10 discounts are only applied to grocery spend though, you’d need to spend $60 on groceries to get the full discount.

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