Buy Hotel “Bonds” & Get 50% Bonus In 60 Days

There is an interesting opportunity to buy hotel “bonds” (essentially gift cards) for select properties and get a 50% return in 60 days.

You buy these directly with the participating property that charges them and gets 100% of the revenue. A company that has the website is doing it pro bono.

You can access Buy Now, Stay Later here.

Here’s how these “bonds” work:

Here are some of the participating hotels:


This is an interesting concept, and I could buy something like this if a company like Marriott or Hilton would back it.

There are too many variables in giving cash to random, mostly independent hotels, unless you have stayed at them and know for sure that you would be back soon.

This makes you wonder why Hyatt, Marriott, or Hilton haven’t sold their gift cards with a bonus to get some cash in?

You have to give them credit for trying something different and helping out these hotels.

Here are the FAQ:

What is a hotel bond?

Similar to a treasury bond, guests can purchase a $100 “hotel bond” directly from the hotels listed on the Buy Now Stay Later website. After a 60 day maturation period, that $100 bond will be worth $150.

Basically, spend $100 and receive a gift certificate for $150. It’s as easy as that. And use it when you want! (after the 60 days of course).

Can I purchase more than one bond per hotel?

Guests can purchase multiple bonds for each hotel. For example, buying five $100 bonds will be worth $750 when guests decide to book a stay. Some hotels may put a limit on how many you can buy, so be sure to check terms and restrictions for each specific hotel.

Where can I purchase this online?

Click the “Get Your Bond” button below each hotel will either bring you to a landing page to purchase your bonds directly or will provide you with an email address to reach out to the hotel’s sales team.

How do I know if a hotel is participating?

You can find a list of participating hotels here. We’re adding more to the list every day.

When can I redeem this hotel bond?

A hotel bond can be redeemed 60 days after it was purchased. Please check with the hotel for any specific terms and conditions.

Is there a minimum or maximum spending amount?

The minimum spend is $100. The maximum spend is dependent on each hotel and whether they have put a cap on the number of bonds available for purchase. Please check with the hotel for specific terms and conditions.

Will the bond increase in value past the 60-day mark?

Each $100 bond can be redeemed for $150 anytime after 60 days. For specific terms and conditions, please check with the hotel.

Will my bond expire?

Please check with the hotel for any specific terms and conditions regarding expirations, blackout dates, and restrictions.

I’m a hotel, how can I participate?

Please click here for our website for hotels and fill out the participation form.

What happens if I purchase a bond and that hotel closes?

Unfortunately, we can offer no guarantees. All transactions are handled directly by the individual hotel. Our goal is to help support the hospitality industry with creative initiatives at this challenging time.

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