Earn 8x Reward Points On Happy Gift Cards

Albertsons, Safeway and other stores that use the Just For U program (Vons, Randalls, Shaw’s, Tom Thumb, etc.) have digital coupons offering 8x Reward Points on a dozen different Happy gift card brands.

The Deal

  • Earn 8x Reward Points on the following Happy gift cards at Albertsons, Safeway & other Just For U stores:

Key Terms

  • Expires November 8 or November 10, 2020 depending on the brand.
  • Unlimited use.

Quick Thoughts

Eight of these digital coupons were released on Sunday, but four more were added overnight. 8x Reward Points can be worth up to 20% off gas, so this offer can be pretty rewarding if you’re able to get full value from those points.

As an alternative, you can redeem Reward Points for grocery savings, although the value isn’t as good as the up-to 20% you can save on fuel. It’s still a good option though if you don’t have a car or have a car with a small gas tank.

A nice feature of these digital coupons is that they’re unlimited use. This therefore has the potential to be lucrative for some gift card resellers, especially when taking into account the credit card rewards earned by paying with a card that earns more at grocery stores.

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