Disney discounts possible from Vacation Club owners

For obvious reasons, demand for Disney is down tremendously this year. I personally bought a timeshare deal at the beginning of this year (n.b. I bought a package that included a few nights and more than 100,000 Hilton points with the requirement to attend a presentation; I did not buy a timeshare) with the intention to return to Orlando and Disney sometime during 2020 or early 2021 – and at this point, I assume I’m just going to take the loss on that. However, for those still interested in a Disney vacation this year, Your Mileage May Vary reports that Disney is offering big discounts to Vacation Club owners (who I believe can also book those deals for their friends or family).

Your Mileage May Vary reports on the difficulty that Disney is facing right now with regard to keeping properties open given the huge dearth of demand. Within that report is mention of an offer for up to 40% off cash rates between now and November 5th and between December 13 through 25, 2020. Those are pretty tight windows and the way it is worded (“up to”) always makes me suspect of the savings, but at the same time I don’t think Your Mileage May Vary would have reported it if it didn’t appear to be significant discount. Indeed I wouldn’t be surprised to see significant Disney Discounts across the board right now.

Again, I’m not at all interested in this right now personally, but at the same time I know that some readers may be. While I haven’t dug deeply into all things Disney, I’ve often heard that one of the ways to save money can be hook ups through friends who are Disney Vacation Club owners, so I thought it was worth passing this one on as a reminder that if you’re considering a trip to Disney, it’s a good idea to check with your friends who are Vacation Club owners to see if they have received any recent promotions that might save you some money and/or to check the secondary markets to see if you can score a discount through an owner with points set to expire soon.

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