Marriott’s Broken Search – Case: JW Marriott Nara

Marriott has been pushing its first-ever JW Marriott hotel in Japan a lot in social media lately, and even we noted the opening (read more here).

It seems, however, that Marriott’s web team is oblivious of this development because when you try to search for Nara, the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth hits are for incorrect places. You cannot bring up the property at all, either on the website or app, by searching for Nara.

You can access Marriott here.

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So, what you get when you search for Nara?

Well. At least we are on the right continent, although few thousand miles away in Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh.


Not sure from where hotel companies have gotten this disastrous file that returns completely irrelevant hits? Hilton has a similar issue that we have previously covered (read more here).

Considering how much cash Marriott is using to push this JW Marriott property in Nara, you would think that they would ensure that it is discoverable on their website and app? People might make reservations for stays.

You can find the hotel if you happen to know that it is quite close to Kyoto or Osaka. Searching for these two locations brings up the Nara property too far down the list.

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