Honors Points Purchases Eligible For Hilton Amex Bonus Points?

Several readers have approached us with a question regarding Honors points purchases and if they qualify as Hilton spend with affiliated credit cards?

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You can check your bonus on Hilton’s buy Honors points page here.

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Most, but not all, points and miles purchases are handled by a Canadian company called Points.com.

The charge won’t come through from the hotel loyalty program, or an airline itself and, hence, are not eligible for any possible bonuses for spend at a certain brand.

These points and miles purchases, however, are the perfect way to reach a certain spend threshold with a card because they tend to run into thousands, especially if you are buying airline miles.


Not sure how difficult it would be for Points.com and these few credit card companies (Amex, City & Chase) to ensure that the charges for point purchases would be eligible for the branded spend bonuses?

It usually comes as a surprise for a program member that you only get the base purchase points and nothing else.

Just something to keep in mind if you are buying miles or points and contemplating which card to use.

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