Lufthansa Miles&More Has Mass-Cancelled Mileage Tickets In Error – Check Your Bookings!

Lufthansa Miles&More has has a major IT failure in the last 24 hours and mass-cancelled Miles&More bookings of their customers.

The carrier is right now struggling to find a solution for his as tickets have already been refunded and reinstating them isn’t as easy.

Lufthansa really doesn’t take an easy path these days and after months of not giving customers their miles and money back for cancelled flights their IT department apparently thought it a good idea to just cancel and refund everybody (or something along that line).

Currently social media and online forums are filled with complaints about Lufthansa having cancelled / refunded tickets of passengers who had no intention of having their reservations canned.

According to Lufthansa they are working on the problem and try to find a solution but at this time very little can be done.

Their website doesn’t mention anything of this and just remind customers that their call centers are overwhelmed:

Due to flight schedule changes, you may experience longer waiting times for calls to our service centers. We have increased our capacities to a maximum and are doing everything we can to handle your rebooking and refund requests as quickly as possible. In order to reduce your waiting time, please call only if your flight was originally scheduled to take place within the next 72 hours. Should your flight have been scheduled for a date within the next few weeks, please get in touch with us at a later time. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that ticket refunds cannot be processed at the airports.

Jee, I wonder why!?


Check your bookings if you have any reservations made through Lufthansa Miles&More and see if you can rebook them if they have been cancelled and refunded. It’s an absolute mess and pretty symbolizes the state of affairs at Lufthansa itself at the moment.

I can’t see this going over well. If both miles and payments have in fact been refunded then reinstating them will be impossible and passengers have to rebook their flights manually – subject to availability.

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