Marriott Bonvoy 250 Points Mobile App Check-In Bonus

Marriott Bonvoy today sent me an invitation to check-in using the mobile app and earn 250 bonus points in the process.

The app allows members to check in to the hotel and, more importantly, chat with the front desk. You can also see if the property has processed the upgrade that you can also see on their website.

You can access Marriott’s page for booking direct and mobile app here.

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Here’s a copy of the email:

And see what they list as Ambassador benefits (rather weak):


I do use the app to check if stays have posted, whether the hotel has processed the upgrade, and for requests using the built-in chat. I have never used it, however, to check-in.

If Marriott Bonvoy wants to get me to try it, they need to add at least one zero to the number of bonus points offered.

You have to keep in mind that if you do the app check-in, your amenity preference will default automatically to 1,000 points, and your stay is not eligible for the elite gift guarantee (read more here).

I continue checking in at the front desk (you have to stop by one perhaps 95% of the cases anyway even when you do the app one) to get my upgrades and collect the cash and bonus points when hotels fail to provide the gift choice.

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