Hong Kong Bans Visitors For Additional Three Months (Through September 2020)

Hong Kong Health Secretary today announced that the ban on non-resident arrivals would be extended by an additional three months (would be through September).

Hong Kong SAR citizens and permanent residents + Mainland China & Taiwan can arrive but must go through the Covid-19 test at the airport and then quarantine for 14-days.

You can access the Hong Kong visitor website here.

Here’s my report from the airport in early March:

Hong Kong Airport (HKG) Very Quiet Experience


There have been talks about a travel bubble between Hong Kong, Macau, and the Shenzhen/Guangzhou area of China. Not sure if recent Covid-19 clusters in Hong Kong will affect this plan.

Hong Kong banned all non-citizen/visitor arrivals in March. This was later expended to include transits through the Cathay’s hub either that were restarted as of yesterday (because Singapore announced their transit restriction lift first).

The current requirement of having to quarantine for 14-days after the Covid-19 test at the airport is quite harsh. I was in Hong Kong early March when the city was shutting down for foreigners and business travelers.

Not sure how Cathay Pacific can survive through September if not longer with only minimal passenger traffic? September is the northern hemisphere fall when we might have second or third waves of Covid-19 (and worse than what we just experienced).

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