Destination Cooking With Stephen #StayCayToFarAway

Week 2 of #StayCayToFarAway is underway and it’s my turn to kick off this week’s challenges with my own take on Destination Cooking.

Whenever I head back home to England, there are certain things I like to eat. Doner kebabs. Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch. Pork pies. Scotch eggs. Scones with jam and clotted cream (clotted cream goes on top of the jam, not underneath like some heathens would have you believe).

For my Destination Cooking challenge this week, I thought I’d make something else that gives a taste of home – a full English breakfast.

As tasty as that is though, I figured that’d be a little boring for a cooking challenge, so I decided to turn it into an English-American food challenge. What could be more American than donuts and burgers, so I introduce to you the full English breakfast donut burger:

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OK, so here’s a little more about why I decided to make this. This actually wasn’t my first time eating a donut burger. My donut burger virginity was taken a few years at Jack Brown’s in Norfolk, VA. We were visiting on a Sunday and that day’s special is a donut burger with bacon and egg. I like trying new things and so that’s what I ordered despite being dubious about how good it would be.

It turned out to be very good.

Jack Brown’s donut burger

About a year later, my wife and I found ourselves at Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts in Gulf Shores, Alabama. As the name suggests, they had some crazy donuts. I ordered a donut with fried chicken, a fried egg and candied bacon which was excellent, while Shae got a donut burger topped with Cheez Whiz and pickles. This was her first time having a donut burger and she wasn’t convinced she’d like it – it turns out she likes them too!

Donut burger at Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts

The full English breakfast donut burger I made for this StayCay To Far Away challenge was the ultimate version of a donut burger and it was well worth the looming heart attack. It could’ve been better though.

For starters, I didn’t use proper sausage, proper bacon or proper baked beans. British sausages are a little different than the brats you guys have over here, but the brats they had at King Soopers this week had to do.

As for bacon, what Americans call bacon is what we Brits call streaky bacon. It’ll do as far as bacon goes, but proper bacon is bigger, thicker and meatier than its streaky counterpart.

How bacon should be

As for baked beans, I grew up eating Heinz Baked Beans and other than having them with a full English breakfast, I normally ate them on toast or in a baked potato (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it 😉 ).

The Kroger where we used to live had a small British food section and they always had Heinz Baked Beans available, but the two King Soopers stores near us right now didn’t seem to have a British section. I therefore had to make do with Bush’s Baked Beans which, to be honest, was no bad thing.

Confession time (and please don’t tell any Brits) – Bush’s Baked Beans are far superior to Heinz Baked Beans. I wasn’t a fan of Bush’s the first time I tried them, but the thicker sauce, extra sugar and whatever other junk they put in it makes them much tastier than the wetter, more tomatoey Heinz version. You still can’t beat Heinz Curry Beans though – so good!

Anyway, enough about my weird English tastebuds. I can highly recommend giving a donut burger a try, whether you go full-on with one topped with sausage, bacon, egg, tomato and beans, or by easing yourself in with just a burger patty.

If you need any further convincing, my full English breakfast donut burger got the Truffles seal of approval. Well, the burger, sausage and bacon did anyway.

The Truffles seal of approval

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