British Airways First Wing Introduces Credit Card Readers

When I was going through the British Airways First Wing tonight, Terminal 5 check-in area for BA first-class and Oneworld Emerald members, I noticed something that hadn’t been there previously.

I was surprised to see bolted in credit card readers in the check-in desks that just displayed a message
“Amadeus – Welcome.”

I said to the agent that I don’t recall seeing these previously, and she replied that they had just been installed and not yet operational.

They will be used mainly to collect fees for paid upgrades and likely possible extra baggage and ticket change fees.


It is good to have convenient payment options. Airline agents usually swipe your card in a reader attached or built into the keyboard. I believe that this change may be due to the new EU payment directive.

At least once this is working, you can use your chip cards and PIN that are more secure. It does, however, make the check-in desk looks “cheaper.” Let’s see when these begin working. The AMADEUS-message on the screen likely indicates the GDS that BA uses.

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