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RYANAIR is known for its fantastically cheap flights, but once you add on extras like cabin bags, it might not always be a good deal.

But by using a new hack from Money Saving Expert, you could save up to £100 on seat reservations and cabin bags for a family of four.

 You could save with Ryanair by booking Value fares and adding extras on top


You could save with Ryanair by booking Value fares and adding extras on topCredit: Alamy

Right now, you can take a small handbag or laptop onto Ryanair flights free of charge.

It has to fit into the space under the seat in front of you, and can’t be bigger than 25cm x 40cm x 20cm.

This is what you get if you book the “Value” fare – Ryanair’s cheapest fare option.

If you want to take a bigger bag as carry on luggage, you will have to pay between £6 and £14 for Priority Boarding, depending on where you go.

But you could save by choosing how you buy these extras.

The straightforward option is booking the “Regular” fare, which includes Priority boarding and the ability to choose your seats and usually costs around £20.85 per person more than the advertised Value fare for each flight.

Alternatively, you could do yourself by adding the same bolt-ons to your Value fare, with the extras costing between £9 and £25 extra per flight.

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According to Money Saving Expert, it’s actually worth testing both ways if you want to bring cabin bags with you.

They explained: “We’ve found that opting for the ‘Value’ fare instead, then manually adding seat reservations, cabin bags and priority boarding, can often slash the cost.

“In one case, we found a family of four could save almost £100 on return flights simply by booking the extras separately.”

MSE explained that while this trick “works most of the time”, it might not work every time – but when it does, you could save up to 60 per cent.

They added that it always works when you can select the cheapest seats, so it’s definitely worth booking early.

It’s also even better value if you’re travelling with kids under 12 since they automatically get free reserved seating with Ryanair.


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