Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Member Platinum-Gift At 100 Nights

Marriott Bonvoy introduced in June an additional benefit for members in 2020 that was crediting them half of the nights required for status earned in 2019 this year.

These extra nights help members to reach Choice Benefit gifts at 50 and 75 nights (read more here what you should choose and WHEN). Also, Ambassador members who earned the status in 2019 and reach 100 nights in 2020 (including those 50 nights that were credited for free) can gift a Platinum status, and those emails have now gone out.

You can access Marriott here and the page to gift the Platinum here.

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Note that you can go to that page immediately after you have reached 100 nights in 2020 (if you earned the Ambassador-status in 2019). The option to gift Platinum is activated earlier than when you get the email invitation.

Here’s a copy of the email that went out:

Note that you must gift the Platinum status by 11:59 PM ET on December 31, 2020, or it expires.

Here’s the Marriott’s announcement of the benefit:

Marriott Bonvoy Extra Elite Night Credit + Ambassador Platinum Gift For 2020

And when these extra nights posted to members:

Marriott Bonvoy Bonus Elite Night Credits Have Posted (To Some Members)

Choice Benefit options in 2020 and what you should choose and when:

Marriott Bonvoy Annual Choice Benefit Options 2020 – What To Choose & When


Marriott Bonvoy members can gift Silver at 50 nights and Gold at 75, but these don’t come anywhere near as good benefits as the Platinum status that grants 4 PM check-out, lounge access, suite upgrades, and breakfast.

This is genuinely a good benefit for Ambassador-members who reach 100 nights this year. They can gift the status to any friends & family member or even to a colleague.

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