The Airbus plane ‘palace’ that never was with a glass lift, 20 VIP cabins and wellness spa on board – The Sun

A CONVERTED Airbus A380 plane design was dubbed the ‘flying palace” with 25 bedrooms, a concert room and wellness room on board.

While never built, the design would have turned the largest commercial jet into a private plane.

Edese Doret Industrial Design

A “flying palace” private Airbus that never was never built

The plane can fit up to 868 passengers in commercially, although the designs would limit it to just 50 flyers.

Guests would enter by a glass lift into the plane, travelling up the three floors through a spiral staircase, according to Simple Flying.

The cargo hold would become the first floor, and divided into two sections, one being a garage for transporting luxury cars around the world.
The second section would become the “wellness room”, with a spa, Turkish marble bath and large LED TVs in the floor of the aircraft.

Level 2 would have business conference rooms, along with a concert room featuring a baby piano and stage.

While the second floor would have VIP bedrooms, the luxury master suites would be found on the third level, accessed by the grand staircase in the lobby.

edese doret industrial design

The aircraft would even feature a “throne” to sit on

edese doret industrial design

The plane would have conference rooms along with communal lounges

edese doret industrial design

The dining room is fit for more than 20 guests

Level 3 would have five suites – each with a king-size bed and ensuite – along with a small communal area to socialise in.

While the plane was never built, it was bought with the intentions to build in 2007 by His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia.

The jet cost £300 million, but unknown reasons led to the project being scrapped.

There are still other private jets you can buy if you’re an Airbus fan.

edese doret industrial design

The plane was bought in 2007 but the designs were never put into motion

edese doret industrial design

There were to be 20 VIP suites and five master bedrooms

edese doret industrial design

Each master bedroom would have an ensuite bathroom

The ACJ320neo aircraft, designed by Yves Pickardt of Alberto Pinto Interior Design for Acropolis Aviation, has an en-suite shower thought to be the largest ever featured on an Airbus aircraft.

The modified Airbus is larger than other private jets created by Bombardier, with a master bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

The high-quality interiors have been compared to a luxury flat, with leather sofas and mahogany beds.

It will set you back a cool £90m.


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In 2017, a plane was dubbed the “flying penthouse” which featured an entertainment and study lounge, dedicated dining spaces, an en-suite master bedroom with a 42-inch TV, a dressing room and an enormous hotel-style bathroom complete with a shower.

The VVIP Dreamliner B787 Dreamjet  can be chartered for around £20,000 per hour.

That works out to £500 per person if you filled the carrier with the maximum number of passengers.

Drake unveils massive £140 MILLION private plane converted from a Boeing 767

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