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I started this blog as a hobby in 2011.  When I picked the name “Frequent Miler,” I made sure that the FrequentMiler ID was available on Twitter, but it never occurred to me to see if the domain was available.  This was just a hobby after all.

Less than a year later, this hobby became my career.  In the 2012 post “Up in the Air,” I wrote:

In March, my life imitated art when I walked into my company’s Cisco TelePresence room to meet with my boss via video conference.  He informed me that due to the latest round of reorganizations, my job no longer existed.  To be fair, he delivered the message himself instead of hiring Clooney, and the TelePresence room was way more life like.  It was more like how James T. Kirk speaks with Klingons and other villains “on screen”…

Actually, while the news was a shock, I wasn’t really unhappy at all.  I’ve been tinkering with this blog for the past 8 months and I’ve really enjoyed it despite not having enough time to give it my full attention.  Thanks to the latest company reorg, I now have 8 months of severance pay to safely call myself a blogger and see if the old “if you build it, they will come” philosophy works with blogs as well as baseball fields.

Well, the experiment worked out incredibly well.  Frequent Miler quickly became a successful career.  And now the business supports not just me but also a full time employee (Nick) and two part time employees (Stephen and Carrie).

Once the blog officially became a business, I suddenly wanted to own the domain.  A small part of the issue was that I probably lost readers who tried to find the blog by entering into their browser.  A larger part was simply pride in ownership.  I’m proud of the Frequent Miler blog and I wanted to own the domain that should go with it.

The problem was that the domain was owned by a shipping company.  They kept the domain with the intention to create a rewards program called “frequent miler” for their truck drivers.  Over the years, I made a few attempts to buy the domain from them, but without success until now.  I recently tried again and finally succeeded!  The domain is now mine… mine… all mine!

It’s a small thing, but it’s nice to have something in 2020 to celebrate.

New domain, same content

Nothing has changed about our blog other than the fact that if you’re reading this online you’ll see that the domain now starts with “” rather than the old “”.  Old links will still work thanks to the magic of redirection. Swag Give-Away

To celebrate our move to we’re hosting a big swag give-away.  Since this marks a small bright spot in an otherwise mostly dismal year, we’re using this year’s repeating numbers “2020” as the give-away theme:

  • 20 different products available to win
  • 20 1st Place Prizes
  • 20 2nd Place Prizes +
  • 20 More 2nd Place Prizes +
  • 20 More 2nd Place Prizes

First Place Prize Choices (20 Winners)

Dry Erase Board, Coasters (set of 6), Water Bottle, 5X Wallet, Mug, Shirt, T-Shirt, Shot Glass (set of 2), Socks, Fanny Pack

20 winners will get their choice of one of the first-place prize choices shown above.  If first-place winners prefer, they can choose from second place prize choices instead…

Second Place Prize Choices (60 Winners)

Playing Cards, Luggage Tag, Sunglasses (2 styles), Face Mask, Phone Ring Stand, Bottle Opener, Hand Sanitizer Wipes (set of 10), Notebook (moleskin style), Notebook

60 winners will get their choice of one of the second-place prize choices shown above.

How to enter

  • Everyone is free to enter but please note that we will ship winning products only within the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii.
  • You may enter only once.
  • To enter, simply add a comment to the bottom of this blog page including the domain “” (with or without quotes).  You may write anything else you’d like in the comment, but doing so will not increase your chances of winning.  Submissions via email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media will not count.
  • Important: You must put a valid email address in the email text box associated with your comment. We will use that email address to contact you if you win.
  • You may add additional comments without the domain “” listed. Those comments will not be treated as give-away entries.
  • Comments not in the spirit of this give-away (such as those containing vulgar language, mean-spirited attacks against others, commercial advertisements, multiple entries from one participant containing “”, etc.) will be removed and not valid for this give-away.  The authors of this blog will be the sole judge of which comments, if any, should be removed.
  • Comments will be accepted until Sunday, November 1st, 11:59PM ET.  Any comments…

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