Marriott Bonvoy Events Change (No More 10 Nights For First Event/Meeting)

Marriott Bonvoy is about to make a change to its Events-program that will become effective on January 1, 2020.

Previously, Marriott Rewards members could earn an unlimited number of nights yearly from meetings and events (10 per one) that was changed in 2018 to max one 10 nights annually (read more here). This is now removed.

You can access Marriott Bonvoy page for meetings here.

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Here’s the update:

Beginning January 1, 2020: Members will no longer earn ten (10) Elite Night Credits for the first event of the calendar year with Marriott Bonvoy Events. This change does not affect the current points/miles earn structure Members who hold qualifying events at participating properties will continue to earn one (1) Elite Night Credit for every twenty (20) room nights actualized up to a maximum of twenty (20) Elite Night Credits per contract.

Here’s how to book a meeting before the end of 2019:

Booking Marriott Meeting To Get 10 Nights Needed For Status?


Marriott Rewards members were able to earn their status entirely on these events, and back in the day when all the nights over 75 rolled over, these nights could be rolling over for years (and lifetime status earned in the process).

This has been a very convenient way, and still is for another 12 days, to earn 10 elite qualifying nights by having a $100 meeting.

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