Air France – KLM Flying Blue Introduces Surplus XP

Air France – KLM’s Flying Blue has launched something called “Surplus XP” to keep elite members whose qualification period ends July 2020 – February 2021 whole.

Flying Blue adds to eligible member accounts to the same number of Experience Points (essentially elite miles/tier points) that they had at the beginning of the membership year unless they would end up with a more significant balance based on their current flying activity.

You can access Flying Blue’s page for Covid-19 response here.

Here are examples from Flying Blue:


I am not sure, but couldn’t Flying Blue come up with something more confusing than these Surplus XPs? My head was spinning when reading the email sent and the examples on the website.

My Flying Blue status will rollover one year based on the elite waiver, and I have not, and I will not credit anything into the program during my membership year that ends this November.

Perhaps this helps some members?

Here are the FAQs by Flying Blue:

What does “surplus XP support” mean?

Surplus XP support means that we check your surplus XP at the beginning of the previous qualification period and compare it with your surplus XP at the beginning of the current qualification period. If your current surplus XP is lower than your previous surplus XP, we will automatically add XP to your counter to match the surplus XP you had at the beginning of your previous qualification period. See the examples at the end of the Q&A.

What is surplus XP?

If, at the end of your qualification period, you maintain your level, your XP counter will be offset by the XP threshold of the corresponding level. Any XP gained above the threshold is surplus XP and is kept on your XP counter for the new qualification period. This way, your surplus XP gives you a head start to maintain your status in the next period, for example in a year that you have had less opportunity to travel.

Flying Blue is one of the few airline loyalty programmes to offer the benefit of being able to move your XP to the next period after the counter offset. Most loyalty programmes reset the counter to zero by default at the end of the qualification period. Flying Blue, however, offers the opportunity to bring some XP to the next period so you can save some XP for years in which you travel less.

Why are we protecting your surplus XP?

Our Elite members have indicated that surplus XP is a very much appreciated and distinguishing feature of our programme. We know many members are happy with the opportunity to move their extra XP to the new qualification period, building up a buffer of surplus XP. Recently, our members have shared concerns that their surplus XP will diminish due to limited opportunities to travel and gain XP. By protecting surplus XP, we support our loyal members and enable them to keep the surplus XP – often built up over many years – that they had before.

Will I benefit from having surplus XP support?

You will benefit from having your surplus XP protected if:

  • you are a Flying Blue Silver, Gold or Platinum member;
  • your qualification period ends between July 2020 and February 2021; and
  • your current surplus XP is lower than it was at the beginning of your previous qualification period.

If I benefit from this measure, when and how will you inform me?

If you have opted-in to receive communication about programme information, we will inform you via e-mail within a month after your last qualification period ended. In addition, you can then also find it in your online activity overview.

What do I have to do to benefit from it?

As a Flying Blue member, you do not have to do anything. We will automatically do it for you. Within one month of your new qualification period, we will add the XP to match your surplus XP.

When and how will I see it on my account?

Within one month after the end of your qualification period, we will add XP to ensure your surplus for the new qualification period is the same as the period before.

When checking the activity overview in your Flying Blue account, you will see the added XP under this description: “surplus XP support”.

How can I check my surplus XP from the previous qualification period?

At this moment, it is not possible to check your surplus XP online. We are currently working on making it visible in your online dashboard.

Which levels benefit from surplus XP support?

If you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum member and your qualification period ends between July 2020 and February 2021, you may benefit from protected surplus XP. There is no surplus XP if you are Explorer.

Will Flying Blue consider additional support to help members next year if needed?

Since the situation is still evolving, we will keep monitoring it closely to see whether additional support is required in the future for members with a qualification end date of March 2021 and beyond. We are committed to sharing details when available.

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