Reader Comment: Air Canada’s Aeroplan Call Center Is a Complete Nightmare, Impossible To Reach!

Today we got a Reader Email informing us about a really terrible situation at Air Canada that has been going on for months not but apparently became even worse then before: It’s impossible to reach their call center.

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Air Canada has had (deliberate?) problems for months now with customers reporting that it’s impossible to reach either Air Canada Reservations or their Aeroplan service center to get anything done that is creating problems for a passenger and can’t be handled online.

The volume of calls has previously reached a peak in November when the airline underwent a systems update. The update which was only supposed to last two days didn’t exactly go according to plan because even a weeks after the updates negative consequences still lingered with customers reporting check-in problems, denied boarding, disappearance of seat reservations and the inability to make reservations using their Aeroplan miles.

But this currently situation isn’t system related. It’s staffing related and nobody at Air Canada seems to be able or willing to provide a valid explanation what the hell is going on.

Last night we received yet another email:

… We’re a family of three incl one child currently traveling on AC Aeroplan award tickets in Bali. Our return ticket is going through both Korea and Japan as at the time of booking it was the only available option. With the Coronavirus spreading we want to modify our tickets as we now found better and likely less risky options but in order to change the tickets we have to get in touch with Aeroplan.

My husband has tried for hours each day of the past week and is still unable to get through. Our parents back in Canada did the same without any success. Nobody at Air Canada seems to be able to handle our request for a change of these Aeroplan mileage tickets. We don’t seek anything for free and are aware of change fees but the issue is simply to get in touch with anyone at all. The calls just drop after a few hours. …

This situations is real and well known. Air Canada is literally ghosting their customers for months now and we have already reached out to the Air Canada press department without any response.

I have another friend who just traveled in Australia on a round the world ticket issued by Aeroplan also unable to get a hold of anyone there. It’s frustrating, if not to say criminal considering many of the customers trying to reach the company have emergency situations to deal with.


I have decided today to file a complaint in personal capacity with the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) and can only urge other customers to do the same. You can approach your local regulatory body or also contact the CTA.

It’s grotesque how Air Canada is handling their customers at the moment or better said refuses to handle them. Sometimes calling the airline at other offices around the world could be helpful. If there is no other choice and the airline is unreachable I’d purchase a new ticket on a random airline and claim damages in court upon my return.

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