Mystery Hilton Breakfast Bag? What Have You Been Offered?

I have come across several disastrous breakfast offerings on social media, mainly at hotels in North America over the past few months while ordering my full-service breakfast in Japan or Europe.

A friend of mine sent me this photo yesterday from breakfast at a full-service Hilton hotel in Seattle.

You can access Hilton here.

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What kind of breakfast bags have you been offered at Hilton affiliated hotels? Leave your comments and photos in the comments section below.

I will post the contents of this breakfast bag tomorrow after receiving the images from the friend.


I understand that hotels try to cut their costs to keep the doors open, but at some point, consumers should revolt, and chains require brand standards to be honored, no pun intended, again.

There is hardly any difference between full and select-service hotels if you strip out the F&B and upgrades from the former, as these “relaxed” standards have allowed hotels to do.

Why would you then pay the “full” service price?

I have been to Conrad Osaka, Hilton Fukuoka, Conrad St. James, Hilton Milan, and Hilton Barcelona that all were able to honor the Diamond benefits quite well. The only Hilton affiliated hotels where I have not been satisfied and left after a night on a three-night stay was the Rome Cavalieri.

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