Bangkok Airways To Reopen Their Boutique Lounges In Bangkok & Samui From 1 August 2020

Bangkok Airways has just announced that they’ll reopen their airport lounges (two locations) effective tomorrow, August 1st 2020.

The PG lounges will be available at Bangkok Airport as well as Koh Samui Airport only, giving travelers some room to relax prior to their flight.

I took a round trip flight on Bangkok Airways between Bangkok and Samui earlier this month and lounges were still closed as they were shut since early April.

This morning the airline sent out a Tweet saying that effective tomorrow lounges will be back:

This is good news not only for Bangkok Airways passengers but also other travelers leaving from the domestic concourse in Bangkok as Bangkok Airways Boutique Lounge is a Priority Pass partner there (unless they will restrict PP from entering due to capacity reasons which hasn’t been published yet).

In any case it’s great to see the lounges coming back online.


I honestly didn’t miss the lounge on my trip. There was ample space at Bangkok Airport and security for the flight took place right before the gate so up to that point it was possible to carry your own beverages.

Samui is just a small, comfortable and very chill airport and the domestic departure area is entirely outdoors. The only benefit of the lounge there is air condition if you need it and some non-alc beverages.

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