World Of Hyatt Room Upgrades Visible On The App?

Hilton, Marriott, and IHG have, for years, shown your upgraded room type once the property has touched the reservation and processed it.

My pet peeve with both Hyatt and Accor is that there doesn’t appear to be a feedback loop from the property management system back to Operate and website/app that would show this information. I was surprised, however, that for my most recent Hyatt stay, the suite upgrade showed up.

You can access Hyatt here.

Here’s what showed for my most recent Hyatt stay the other night:

The Great Scotland Yard Hotel (Hyatt Unbound Collection) had processed the room upgrade the day before, and the assigned suite type was visible on the app (likely on the website too).


Let’s hope that this is a permanent fix with Hyatt and not just one-off incidence with this specific hotel. Hyatt has not been known for its IT competence, and this would be a big step for the chain to display the assigned room type accurately.

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