Reader Email: World Of Hyatt Globalist Account Frozen

A LoyaltyLobby reader contacted us yesterday about an unforeseen issue affecting his World of Hyatt account (frozen).

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Here’s the email from a reader:

FYI Im a globalist and Hyatt froze my account and I had over 200,000 points because of a couple of o shows last month ! They say they want to do an investigation about my no shows which is insane they not talking to me and I’ve been globalist for 4 years …

I requested clarification:

Its at SLH properties; the hotels didn’t contact me either after the no shows. I did it for a family member thinking that’s how the a “guest of honour” booking is made (only to now find out it shouldn’t have been under my name. the guest didn’t show and I didn’t know and my credit card saved is old. So 6 weeks later they froze my account (2 weeks ago) and they are “investigating.”

I’ve been globalist for 4 years bizarre. This came with no notice or contact from hotel just sudden lock. First they said it would take 2-3 days and its been 2 weeks and I’m basically getting the run around and losing hope.

Guest of Honors is an award reservation that you set up for a friend using your points and which inherits your elite benefits. It does not, however, apply for paid stays.

It is against the program T&Cs trying to get paid stays to apply for your account if you are not staying (or at least present at the time of checking in). It may adversely affect your account. I would not expect it, however, to get your account permanently frozen unless you were warned about this activity previously.

I would try to escalate this issue with the program management.


You don’t often hear about account closures or freezes unless it is dodgier activity than what had been mistakenly going on in here.

There are issues such as the above if someone tries to get extra stays and points to their account by having someone else staying.

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