Korea Air SKYPASS Morning Calm Status & Qualification Period Extended By 6 Months

Korean Air has informed its SKYPASS Morning Club members about extended status and qualification periods due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Morning Club elite members will see their qualification period extended by six months that is also applicable to the status hold.

You can access Korean Air here.

Here’s the announcement from Korean Air:


Korean Air has furloughed the majority of its staff for six months and cut the pay of management team members by 30% to 50% due to coronavirus pandemic.

Airlines in North America have decided to extend member tiers by a year that makes the most sense because it is unclear when air travel will return to any form of normality due to various travel and entry bans.

Extended qualification and elite status by six months is a good start. This gives Korean Air and its elite members time to explore options when this coronavirus pandemic is over.

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