Taiwan’s Starlux Airlines Has Renewed Their Status Match Campaign, Offering 4 Year Tier Match

I wrote about Taiwan’s brand new airline Starlux a couple of times now and the airline has just renewed their Status Match campaign for tiers from competing airlines through December 31, 2020.

Members of their COSMILE program can participate in the promotion and apply to have their membership level upgraded for four years based on their status with another program.

Having status match promotions isn’t uncommon for brand new airlines or programs that want to jump start their membership base and potentially scalp profitable customers from the competition.

Back when I wrote about Starlux having their first inaugural routes scheduled I tried to register for COSMILE but was unable to complete the registration because the registration code just wouldn’t arrive at my email.

Eventually it landed in my inbox two days after I attempted registration by which time the link was already expired. A second attempt was finally successful. Their system has apparently improved a little but I heard there are still bumps.

Starlux sent out a mailer today advertising their renewed match campaign:

The match landing site can be found here and interested applicants have to fill out an application form that is to be returned to the program.

Here are some conditions of this match:

  • This application is applied to the highest-tier and the second highest tier of other airline’s frequent flyer member. (If there are only three tier level for other airlines, the highest tier is considered as major.)
  • Please enroll as a COSMILE member first and only can apply once. Also, please fill in Other Airline Member Card Tier Match Application Form and provide the front and back copies of other airline’s valid member card and flight record with the same airlines in last year, (departure date, origin and destination is required, and only accept the official record from airlines.) then email to STARLUX Customer Service Center ([email protected]) for application.
  • Before December 31st, 2020, for those who submit the application, the validity of COSMILE card tier will be adjusted to 4 years after approved. As to the upgrade and renewal standards, please follow the terms and conditions of COSMILE.
  • After January 1st, 2021, for those who submit the application, the validity of applied COSMILE card tier, upgrade and renewal standards will follow the terms and conditions of COSMILE after approved.
  • STARLUX Airlines reserves the right to decline or issue corresponding tier at any time for any reason. It will take 30 business days for verification, please wait for the reply from STARLUX Customer Service Agent.

These are the membership levels with COSMILE with associated benefits:

Explorer and Insighter is obviously the desirable level that one would want to match to. It comes with various priority services including lounge access as well as extra baggage allowance.

Main condition is

The applicant for “Other airline tier match” must provide flight record from the most recent year and photocopy of a valid OAL membership card and only allowed to apply once.

Again there is no information as far as eligible airlines, routes or activities is concerned. You just have to give it a go and hand your application in.

Considering there is pretty much no travel to/from/via Taiwan at the moment I would (under normal circumstances) not advise to apply for a status match but considering this is good for four years why not, at some point things have to get going again.


I’d imagine that immediate competition such as EVA Air and China Airlines will be matched straight out. When applying with another carrier from the region such as Cathay Pacific there shouldn’t be an issue either.

Using programs of other regions such as American AAdvantage, British Airways Executive Club, United Mileage Plus or Delta Skymiles should probably show some flight activity to/from Taiwan. I’d also highlight their benefits you receive locally when leaving TPE (EVA/China Airlines/Cathay Pacific lounge).

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