Finnair Discontinues Physical Membership Cards + 1,000 Free Points For Downloading The App October 19 – 20, 2020

Finnair Plus sent out an email yesterday informing its members about the discontinuance of physical membership cards that the airline said to have announced previously (not sure where).

Elite members neither will get new cards nor brag tags (sorry luggage tags) effective immediately. Finnair Plus will offer members who download their app and sign in first time 1,000 free points October 19 – 20, 2020.

You can access Finnair Plus here.

Here’s the wording about the free points:

If you download the award-winning Finnair app for the first time between 19th and 20th October you’ll get 1,000 award points! Just download, log in to the app, then enable notifications. Points will be credited after 20th October.


There were sometimes issues, years back, when you didn’t have your membership card with your and the boarding pass, for whatever reason, wouldn’t show your status getting access to elite benefits with some partners (without some arguing).

However, I have not had any issues as of late, and most of the material that airlines and hotel loyalty programs sent to me go directly to the trash, including all the luggage tags.

If there are still partners that require you to show a physical membership card, perhaps now it would be the time to bring their business processes to the 21st century.

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