SURVEY: What On Property Elite Benefits Do You Value Most At Hotels?

Last week, we published a piece about IHG’s loyalty program (read more here), where I was pointing out some issues with it.

A few readers had a completely different take on what benefits I saw as valuable, and I thought that now would be the time to find out the overall preference.

Below you can find six on-property elite benefits that you may or may not find valuable.

Note that there are other benefits provided by the loyalty program itself, such as bonus points, premium support, free nights, and guaranteed availability, but we are not probing them at this time.

Please rate these in the order of your preference from 1 to 6. 1 is the benefit that you value the most and 6 the one that you value the least.

We will publish the results on Saturday.

Here’s the survey:


The beauty of these programs is that they often have features that you may prefer a lot while someone else not at all. Let’s see what you, the LoyaltyLobby readers, collectively value.

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