Thai Airways Sends Clarifying Email About Previous Bankruptcy Communication

A bankruptcy court in Thailand surprised many Thai Airways ticket holders the other week (read more here) by sending a 291-page long PDF mostly in Thai.

Thai Airways entered bankruptcy reorganization under Thai laws in May (read more here and here), and the airline doesn’t expect to provide any refunds for several months (read more here).

You can access Thai Airways here.

Now, the airline has sent another email trying to clarify the one sent by the bankruptcy court to SIGNIFICANT creditors (how any ticket holder could be one is beyond my understanding). Thai Airways explains that you do not need to take any action.

Here’s the entire email:

Here’s the 291-page long document that was previously sent:

Thai Airways Bankruptcy Court Email To Passengers


You can never be surprised what is happening around Thai Airways (and to a certain extent in Thailand).

I would say that most of us love the airline. Still, the governance system is completely broken, and this visit to bankruptcy court won’t resolve anything because the airline continues to conduct business the same way as previously. There are just too many parties involved and milking the airline.

Let’s hope that the Thai Government recapitalizes the airline.

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