American Express Platinum “Lounge On The Go” Benefit In Nordics

American Express has an interesting benefit available for Platinum cardholders at specific airports in the Nordics.

Lounge On The Go allows you to take a breakfast or lunch/dinner set with you to the plane or consume it at the cafe. The benefit is also available to additional cardholders.

As I was transiting in Helsinki earlier this week, I decided to try this benefit and visited the Espresso House.

The employee was not familiar with the benefit but quickly found the information from their system. I was offered either a wrap or a salad, mineral water (carbonated beverage), and a small coffee.

I thought it would be a good idea to consume this during the flight to Paris, so I decided to take them with me instead of sitting down.

The transaction is rung at .1 euro (10 euro cents). I guess that this is for tracking purposes (how much Amex reimburses the location).

Breakfast package:

  • A roll, juice, or yogurt and a small hot drink of your choice.

Lunch / dinner:

  • Salad or wrap, mineral water / soft drink, and a small hot drink of your choice.

Present your valid Platinum card and boarding pass at the Espresso House checkout.

Here are the eligible locations:

  • Espresso House – Helsinki-Vantaa (FINLAND)
  • Espresso House – Malmö Airport (SWEDEN)
  • Espresso House – Luleå (SWEDEN)
  • Espresso House – Göteborg, Landvetter (international terminal) (SWEDEN)
  • Espresso House – Visby Airport (SWEDEN)
  • Espresso House – Copenhagen, Kastrup (DENMARK)
  • Ritazza – Oslo, Gardermoen (domestic terminal; A8) (NORWAY)
  • Pontus in the Air – Arlanda Airport (SWEDEN)


I am not sure if this benefit is open for all American Express Platinum cardholders or only to those issued in Nordics. The card was not swiped at the POS, but only at the payment terminal. I was not asked to present a boarding pass, although that is a requirement (I guess to prevent airport employees from picking up a meal daily).

Unfortunately, I didn’t try this set because it was all messed up with the coffee, and I asked the FA to trash it. My personal preference would be a sandwich over a wrap or salad.

Perhaps I’ll try this benefit at some other time when in any of the eligible airports in the Nordics.

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