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Hilton has quietly exited from the Cape Town market by turning in the keys to its namesake property to the building owner (Millat Properties).

South Africa has been closed for international arrivals for several months and doesn’t plan to reopen before sometime in 2021 (read more here).

You can access Hilton here.

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Here’s an excerpt from the IOL:

Millat Properties has said that the company was in discussions with “multiple international brands” to replace the Hilton Cape Town City Centre, a 5-star property that closed over the weekend.

The company confirmed that the hotel will no longer be managed by Hilton Worldwide.

Millat Properties said it was “disappointing that our relationship with Hilton has come to an end, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, when South Africa’s primary tourist destinations and its people most need support.”

Millat will assume control of the asset over the weekend. “Millat intends using this time as an opportunity to revitalise the hotel’s offering, including redesigning rooms, in order to again deliver top-quality experiences for its guests in the future,” the company said in a statement.

Here’s a video of the suite I had in February:


The hotel ceased to be a Hilton two weeks ago. Not sure exactly what happened as it sounds from the owner’s perspective that they would have preferred to continue the partnership, but Hilton just turned in the keys and left.

The Covid-19 situation is terrible in South Africa at the moment, and the country’s healthcare system is unable to deal with the current levels of hospitalizations. It is difficult to see any level of incoming tourism until the Covid-19 is under control worldwide.

There is a franchised DoubleTree in the Cape Town area (stayed there once), but the location is very inconvenient unless you have a car. I have visited at this now exited Hilton half a dozen times. It has been a solid property from the upgrade and benefits perspective.

If you plan to visit Cape Town and prefer to stay at western branded hotels, you basically have two options. There are numerous Marriott and Radisson affiliated hotels in the city.

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