Virgin America will launch an in-flight WiFi

Virgin America will launch an in-flight WiFi

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Virgin America will release an in-flight wireless Internet on all his flights by the second quarter of 2009. In fact, they flew a test flight from San Francisco to test the whole system and it kinda works.

This gadget, called GoGo, will not forbid any special content, but there will be some constraints though ( no Skype, no IP voice systems,…). The company’s philosophy is not to edit the content that passengers want to watch, but to offer WiFi in order to let the people choose what to watch. This system will be available above 1000 feet and it works with 3G technology.

Thence, get connected in the airplane will be $10 on short flights, and $13 on longer legs. You just need a laptop to get access. Virgin says that later in 2009 they will include an integrated in-flight entertainment system, that will give connectivity to people who don’t have laptops or PDA’s.

Of course, nowadays, a lot of airlines are willing to incorporate this devices to their birds.


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