Earn 20% Raise Cash On Delta Gift Cards (First-Hand Cards, Ends 9/13/20)

Raise has launched a surprisingly great sale on Delta gift cards today as they’re offering 20% cashback in the form of Raise Cash. Although you might be more familiar with Raise as selling discounted (pre-owned) gift cards, this particular deal is for first-hand cards and so there’s very little risk involved.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires September 13, 2020.

Quick Thoughts

Getting 20% cashback on Delta gift cards is a fantastic deal, but you’ll need to jump on this deal because it looks like it ends today (September 13). It doesn’t specifically state that this offer ends today, but Raise’s website lists this as a “Sunday Special” which suggests it won’t be available after today.

There are a few important things to be aware of with this deal. First, these are first-hand gift cards which means that no one else will have access to the gift card details. You’re probably familiar with Raise as being a site where people resell gift cards, but Raise also sells first-hand cards for many brands themselves and that’s what this particular deal involves.

Due to this being a deal on Cash Back gift cards rather than Discount ones, it means the cashback you receive comes in the form of Raise Cash. It’s a little bit of a shame that it comes that way rather than it being an instant discount as Raise Cash can only be used on future gift card orders, but 20% back could still be well worth it.

Another thing to note with these being Cash Back gift cards is that you won’t earn cashback or rewards when clicking through from a shopping portal as you’ll only earn that when buying discounted gift cards. I guess it wouldn’t do any harm to click through from a shopping portal anyway just in case it does track, but the terms on all the portals exclude purchases of Cash Back gift cards (which these 20% Delta ones are), so you’d have no recourse if (and presumably when) the portal doesn’t pay anything out.

The Raise Cash you earn will expire in two years, so there’s plenty of time to redeem that. It can be used in the future to purchase discounted gift cards in the future, so you’ll be able to stack those future purchases with portal earnings and the occasional promo codes that Raise offers which give additional discounts.

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