Oshkosh: The General Aviation Mecca

Oshkosh: The General Aviation Mecca

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Each year since 1953, a huge aviation event take place in Oshkosh, a little town in Wisconsin (USA). In Wittman Regional Airport is where aviation fans gather each summer to spend one week with their fellows. Is the greatest general aviation ever seen, not only because of the airshow (where more than 2500 show aircrafts participate each year), but also exhibitors, forums, courses and so on.

EAA, The Spirit of Aviation, is the organzation who plan this whole event. They join thousands of people with aviation interests for one week at Oshkosh. Every general aviation pilot from the US (maybe from other countries as well) is willing to reach their vacations and fly to that little but crowded airport.    

Apart from homebuilts, antiques, classics, ultralights and rotorcraft, there’s also big birds like boeing 747 Cargo (Dreamlifter), jet fighters and commercial airplanes. Also, they arrange some courses to enroll right there, giving some thoughts about avionics, engines, structures or pilot skills.

If you are eager to join this event, you can do it now at EAA AirVenture Website and you’ll meet them on July 27th 2009.

Oshkosh AirVenture 2008                 Source: EAA

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