UPDATE: $5 Covid-19 Surcharge At Holiday Inn Express?

Earlier in the week, we covered a reader’s case where a Holiday Inn Express hotel had added an undisclosed Covid-19 related surcharge. We have now received a statement from the IHG whether this practice is allowed.

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You can access IHG here.

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A statement that we received from the IHG spokesperson:

Protecting the health and safety of our guests and colleagues is our top priority and we continue to work with IHG-branded hotels to implement enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures and COVID-19 best practices.

Guests of IHG-branded hotels should not be charged any additional fees for these services. We have reached out to this independently owned and operated hotel, and they have confirmed they will no longer collect these fees.

So, Covid-19 related surcharges are not allowed at IHG hotels. Those properties that ad to guest folios should be reported to the corporate for clarification

Here’ what we covered earlier:

Here is the warning that Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hinton has on its IHG booking page:

And here’s a copy of an award stay folio that was presented to the reader:

The hotel doesn’t disclose at any point during the booking process that there would be a Covid-19 related surcharge in place.

There is a $5 “tax” without any disclosure of what it is for.


I am glad that that IHG has now clarified their Covid-19 policy. These surcharges that some of their hotels have added to guest bills are not allowed.

If a hotel feels that they are deprived of revenue or selling their rooms too cheaply, there is a novel idea of just to raise room rates, right? Why try hiding the rate increase to the “taxes”?

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