Will Chase match the Sapphire Preferred 60K offer to 80K?

Chase has recently increased the welcome bonus for the Sapphire Preferred card to 80,000 points after $4K spend.  The previous offer was for 60K points.  Read more about the new offer here: Chase Sapphire Preferred 80K Offer – Should you go for it?

Now, many people have asked two related questions:

  1. I signed up recently for the 60K offer. Will Chase match me to the 80K offer?
  2. If someone refers me to the Sapphire Preferred, is there any way for me to get the 80K offer? The reason for this question is that people playing in two-player mode would like to earn the referral bonus (15K) and the full welcome bonus (80K), but the refer-a-friend offer is currently still only 60K.

If Chase will readily match people to the 80K offer, then that would answer both questions at once.  So, will they?

Usual pattern

Chase will usually match you to a new public offer as long as you signed up within the past 90 days.  That said, sometimes when a new offer hits the scene, it takes some time before they start allowing matches (I don’t remember how long… maybe a few days or a week?).

Current status

So far, most reports (but not all) from people who have asked Chase for a match were negative. They were told no.

My guess is that Chase will open the floodgates soon to status matches, but they haven’t yet.  If you try it, please report your results in the comments below.  Let us know whether you contacted Chase via phone or secure message and of course let us know what the answer was.

Referral recommendations

If you’re in two player mode and would like to earn both a referral bonus and the 80K bonus, I recommend waiting a week or two to see how things shake out:

  • It’s possible that Chase will update the referral offer to 80K. If so, you’ll obviously be happy that you waited.
  • It’s likely (in my opinion) that we’ll start hearing lots of 80K match success stories in a week or two.  If so, you can confidently sign up for the 60K referral offer and then contact Chase for the match.
  • If neither of the above happen, then you’re better off applying directly (Our application link can be found here. Thanks!)

If you signed up earlier for the 60K offer…

Wait a week or two before contacting Chase for a match.  Also, if you were previously told no, there is no harm in later trying again.  Just make sure that you make your requests before the 90 day window is over.  The only hope of getting matched to the better offer is if you make the request within 90 days of your application.

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