Capital One lets you see your credit card number online

This is just a quick tip as I only realized this yesterday and thought some readers may not be aware: Capital One lets you view your entire credit card number and details like expiration date and CVV code online. That could be very useful if you’re looking to make an online purchase and don’t have your card handy. Note that this isn’t new; this has been possible at least in the app for quite a while, but I’d never noticed it and I am pretty sure it’s relatively new on the web browser (or at least a recent addition for our accounts).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve either been away from home or otherwise not had handy the precise credit card I want when I’d like to use it. Sometimes I resort to just using a card number that I have memorized even if it isn’t the best for a particular purchase. While a Capital One card isn’t always that card that I’m reaching for in those situations, it is nonetheless a great feature to be able to access the info you need online.

Of course, there is a security concern to be had in this: someone who hacks your account could potentially get your credit card information. They do require you to enter a code from email or text message in order to view the card number, so there is at least some 2-factor authentication.

Overall, this is a 21st-century customer-friendly move. While I’m sure some will have security concerns with this, the truth is that there are so many data breaches these days that this doesn’t seem much riskier to me than using my credit card on a day to day basis. The convenience factor here is high – it would be great to see other issuers follow suit.

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