Earn 10% Cashback On Walmart Gift Cards (Limit $250 Per Day)

About a month ago, the Ibotta app targeted some users with an offer for 10% cashback when buying Walmart gift cards. This deal is still going strong, but I only just realized that we’d never covered the deal here, so consider this is a heads up about this great deal.

The Deal

Key Terms

Quick Thoughts

Ibotta used to have a feature called Pay With Ibotta, but they’ve just renamed it ‘Gift Cards’. To access that section of the app, scroll down on the home screen to the ‘Shop By Category’ section and select ‘Gift Cards’.

Ibotta tends to sort the list by placing the gift cards brands with an increased cashback rate at the top, but if you don’t see Walmart then you can sort it by ‘Z to A’.

This offer sadly isn’t available to everyone. For starters, some Ibotta accounts don’t actually have the gift cards option available for some reason. For those that do, some will only earn 0.5% cashback when buying Walmart gift cards (I fall into that category).

Others are targeted for 5% cashback which is still pretty good, but then there are those – like my wife – who are lucky enough to be targeted for 10% cashback.

There’s a daily limit of $250 per day which is a fairly generous limit considering the fact that this offer has been around for the last month. The slight downside is that Ibotta no longer accepts credit card payment for gift cards in the app – you have to pay with a debit card. Discover debit cards earning 1% don’t work to the best of my knowledge, but you might have luck with other debit cards offering cashback to make it even more rewarding.

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