Targeted Amex Spending Offers

Some American Express cardholders are seeing targeted spending offers on various Amex-branded (Membership Rewards-earning) cards. The offers vary and not everyone is targeted, but it’s worth logging in to your account to look for an offer to add since some of them are pretty good.

The Deal

  • Various Membership Rewards-earning cards are offering targeted spending bonuses that can be repeated up to 3 times. Some of those I’ve seen data points on include:
    • Amex Gold
      • Spend $2,000+, get 1,000 bonus points
      • Spend $3,500+, get 2,000 bonus points
      • Spend $4,500+, get 4,500 bonus points
      • Spend $6,500+, get 3,500 bonus points
    • Everyday Preferred
      • Spend $1,500+, get 3,000 bonus points
    • Everyday
      • Spend $1,500+, get 3,000 bonus points
      • Spend $2,500+, get 2,500 bonus points
    • Personal Platinum
      • Spend $2,000+, get 2,000 bonus points

Key Terms

  • Must add offer by 2/5/21
  • Once you add the offer, you have 90 days to meet the spending requirements.

Quick Thoughts

In most cases, these offers are not enough on their own to be very exciting, though I’d be happy to see an offer for extra points on an Amex Gold card since that card will see some use at the grocery store anyway this year (though I’d hold off on activating it for a while as I work at our new Freedom card’s 5x and you only get 90 days to spend toward these offers once activated). At least one person reported an Everyday Preferred offer that amounts to an extra 2x, and that would obviously be enough to put some spend on that card. In cases where the bonus amounts to an extra half a point per dollar spent, it probably isn’t worth the effort of tracking the spend to be sure you hit the thresholds on the button.

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