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Australia introduced a “bubble” in early October, allowing Kiwis to visit part of the country without quarantine upon arrival, although they still do if and when they return to New Zealand.

Not sure if any other western democracies don’t allow its citizens and permanent residents to leave except Australia? I am surprised that Aussies don’t feel that this would violate their rights.

Australians currently need to apply for permission to leave, and only 25% of those who have applied were approved (not sure how many had actually left) per News.com (22,640 approved out of 90,000) while the exit ban could be in place for years if no effective vaccine is found per minister.

Australia’s neighbor New Zealand has equally strict quarantine for returning citizens and permanent residents who need to pay NZ$3,100 for their two-week accommodation ($2,045). They are allowed to freely leave if they so choose.

Why can Australia not do the same?


I am glad that it is my constitutional right to leave (as long as there are no warrants) and enter Finland as I please.

Obviously, there could be flight restrictions and quarantine requirements when I decide to return (just left yesterday and plan to return for Christmas). However, it is neither the Finnish government’s duty nor business to restrict my freedom of movement.

I am just baffled how this is deemed acceptable in Australia?

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