Taste Of Finnair Prepared Meals Coming Soon To A Store Near You (In Finland)

Finnair is taking similar steps as other airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways that have launched “air” experiences around food on the ground.

Taste of Finnair meals are hand made at Finnair Kitchen in Vantaa and are inspired by what you usually find in the airline’s business class. The menu changes every two weeks, and there are two daily options for around 10 euros each.

Here are photos from Finnair:

Finnair’s release (Google translate):

Finnair is making a new business opening, bringing high-quality Taste of Finnair ready-to-eat meals to the grocery store. Meals will initially be available at Vantaa Tammisto’s K-Citymarket, after which other K-Group stores can also include them in their selections.

“We want to offer the opportunity for a Finnair experience and everyday luxury at home, now that travel has been restricted in many ways,” says Marika Nieminen, Finnair Kitchen’s Director of Operations. “At the same time, this is a new business opening for us and employs our chefs in Vantaa. It is especially great that at a time when most of Finnair Kitchen’s employees have been laid off, we can bring work and employment to our employees through a new experiment. ”

Taste of Finnair meal sets, hand-made in Finnair Kitchen in Vantaa and designed by Finnair’s own top chefs, will go on sale at K-Citymarket Tammisto on 15 October. from. The meals have been inspired by Finnair’s Business-class high-quality meals. Two main course options are available throughout the week from Monday to Sunday and an additional one appetizer from Friday to Sunday. The menu changes every two weeks.

“The meals are inspired by Nordic and Japanese flavors and seasonal ingredients. The menus include, for example, Finnish smoke and reindeer, as well as a serving of beef and teriyaki radish sauce, which draws on Tokyo’s street food culture. Our food cultures are united by the appreciation and emphasis of ingredients and their natural flavors in food, and it is evident in these meals as well. We are excited when we can make familiar flavors easily available to people in the grocery store, ”says Juha Stenholm, Head of Product Development at Finnair Kitchen.

The experiment will be carried out in close cooperation with K-Citymarket Tammisto.

“It is very important for us to provide our customers with quality food, easily and effortlessly: ready-made portions bring variety to home-made home cooking. It is especially great to do this with the blue and white Finnair. Taste of Finnair dishes combine high quality and local food, ”says Kimmo Sivonen, a merchant at K-Citymarket Tammisto.


These do look rather typical what you might receive when flying in Finnair’s long-haul business to Asia.

I could have some reindeer meatballs right now! As a matter of fact, when I was in Fukuoka this summer, I took a cab to IKEA to have some Scandinavian food (read meatballs) during my very long Sakura-trip.

Looks like a good move from Finnair. These are not cheap but look rather upscale compared to ready-to-eat meals that you usually find from grocery stores.

I would love to try, but I don’t think that I can stop by in Tammisto on my way to Tallinn on Thursday when these go on sale.

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